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Central Clinic and Cincinnati Occupational Therapy Institute (COTI) began working together in 2004 when COTI provided occupational therapy consultation at Young Child Institute (YCI), a program of Central Clinic. in 2004.  The consultation was aimed at identifying occupational therapy needs in children already receiving services through YCI.  This initial work together led Kate and Deb to realize the contribution of each of their professions to helping children who had problems related to their early life experiences.  Their separate training and backgrounds informed their discussions and along with other colleagues, they began to develop innovative ideas for working with children who experienced early trauma.  In 2006, Deb and Kate presented together at the annual Ohio Occupational Therapy Conference in a presentation titled Issues in infant mental health: The role of the occupational therapist. 
Although resources were limited, our two practices were able to, in a very limited capacity, test some of our ideas for co-treatment.  In 2009 Kate, Deb, Lynne Reckman from YCI and Joan Dostal from COTI presented again at the annual Ohio Occupational Therapy Conference giving a talk entitled Collaborative work between occupational therapists and psychotherapists in infant mental health.
Our opportunities to co-treat were met by obstacles that prevented us from fully implementing our plans: funding, scheduling and space.  During this time, the occupational therapy consultation at Young Child Institute continued.  In addition, both YCI and COTI began working with Hearing Speech and Deaf Center of Greater Cincinnati (HSDC) to provide speech and language support for our respective clients.
Because of the support of the United Way of Greater Cincinnati, the obstacles that have prevented us from moving forward have been minimized and Connections for Life has at last been realized.

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Kate Merrilees and Deb Whitcomb will be presenting about Connections for Life at the American Occupational Therapy Association annual conference in San Diego on April 26, 2013.


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